Big is this flying Bear. Limitless.
Big is this flying Bear. Limitless.

There was a kite festival in our community and the organisers all surprised us by unleashing this menace in to the skies. Could not resist taking a picture of the devilishly handsome bear ;).

I love how free he is. Big smile on his face, sailing through the air, come what may. A self assured sense of self about him. A “no matter what happens, everything will be ok” kind of attitude. This Bear is big because he comprises so much that so few remember to embrace. Carpe Diem. Everything will be ok.


5 thoughts on “Big.

    1. The other kites were pretty standard diamond shaped. There were a few box kites too! Lots of colour in the sky ;).

      Thank you for the feedback. I think cropping it would take away from the blue in the sky, and it would appear to white. This Bear is big because he is physically big, but also because he is free. I feel like cropping it would make him look less free.

      1. Interesting! I love hearing your perspective. It really brings photos to life to have them discussed. I’m reminded again and again how photography is really personal in terms of perspective, like music, food and art in general. There’s a range of what is considered “good” and I like that. Is the kite festival put on every year?

  1. Yes I believe this also!! This is my favourite thing about art, how the story behind it can make you appreciate it at a whole new level.

    It is! I’ve only been once though. It was a lovely event, and I love that my community does this. Everyone is everyone’s friend at the Kite Festival.

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