Good Afternoon all,

It’s April already – quarter of the year is up, and what of it ?

I don’t think I’ve been doing a very good job of living up to my new years resolution – which was to be more worldly. :(. But hey, I have to commend myself for doing a quarterly check up on my self šŸ˜› .

But gosh change is hard. Even trying to incorporate little habits in your day to day life is hard. It sticks for a few days, and then poof you’re back to your old routine – does anyone else find that? or am I just unnaturally hard wired?

At least I’ve gone out of my comfort zone a bit this year – I’ve decided to take up some Arts units, instead of the usual Engineering blah blah. I’ve taken up Understanding Human Behaviour and The Language Game.

Both have proved to be quite interesting and are filling me with random facts that make great dinner table conversation. For example, did you know the word “wench” used to be used to refer to a female child? As its meaning got broader to gradually mean all young girls, and eventually all women, its meaning turned into the derogatory term “slut”. It’s the fate of many words used to refer to women – they inevitably go to their linguistic decline and become unfavourableĀ terms. Even more so when compared with their male counterparts. Eg. Master/Mistress – the word ‘Master’ has an air of authority and respect about it, whereas ‘Mistress’ has the connotations of a home wrecker. Similarly, consider ‘Governor’ – a term used to denote the Queen’s representative in parliament contrasted with the glorified nanny that is a ‘Governess’.

I thought this pattern was quite interesting to see. It really sheds a light on the english speaking society’s attitudes to women. When something as powerfully influential as language is embedded with a negative view of women in its linguistic features, one can fairly assume that no matter how significant a movement is made towards equality between men and women in society, if the language being used isn’t transformed so that women are no longer presented as starkly inferior to men, a real mental change in the society may never arise.

So that’s my little rant about the world for the day, topped with a mini rant about my progress (or lack thereof) towards achieving my new years resolution goal.

I hope you all are going better than I am ;).

Here’s a picture of a baby llama chillin.

baby llama



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