Good morning everyone,

Well it’s a beautiful Sunday morning down here in Melbourne anyways. Don’t get me wrong – Melbourne has kept its promise and is overcast, cloudy and gloomy, the whole package. But this Sunday morning is beautiful because this Sunday morning I will be getting some much needed R and R.


It is unbelievable how excited I am to have a day to myself, a day to truly focus on me and me only. In taking a step towards that, I’ve decided to start this blog. I want to use this to discover who I am, and just be completely uninhibited. I’m in my 20s now, and I think this is the prime time to get a good sense of self. It means being open to everything, but still staying true to self. It means saying yes more often, but knowing when to say no as well. It means going out of my comfort zone.


And it means sharing my experiences with others too. There’s so much we can learn from other people. Making that human connection with someone is so amazing. I’ll be honest, I can be quite reserved person. It takes time for me to break the barriers and just go full throttle when meeting someone new. I envy those who can do it, but I am hoping to learn. I hope that if anyone does see this blog, they can find something that they can connect with and identify with. But even if that doesn’t happen, I know this blog will be something that the future me appreciates.


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